SHOP: Beautiful Fireplace Tiles

Is your fireplace the elephant in your living room? That unavoidable eyesore you’re forever trying to disguise? If so maybe it’s time to give it a revamp. Check out my selection of the best fireplace-friendly antique and modern tiles.

Tiles aren’t just for the kitchen and bathroom. For years they’ve been hiding in the fireplaces of our living rooms and bedrooms.

Of course not all fireplaces contain tiles. It depends largely on when your home was built. Prior to the Victorian era fireplaces came intricately designed in marble, cast iron or wood. It was the Victorian age which saw the arrival of inserts, which were often tiled. At first these tiles tended to be ornate, often floral. Simpler patterns, often geometric, later grew popular. Although the Edwardian era swapped tiles for cast iron, by the 1930s completely tiled fireplaces were becoming more common. Though by the 1970s the trend was for stone or brick cladding.

But whatever period your fireplace dates from there’s a good chance tiles are integral to the design, even if only in the hearth. So it’s lucky that they’re relatively easy to replace, whether you just fancy a change or the existing ones aren’t to your taste.

Here’s my pick of the best fireplace tiles currently on sale – both original antique and reproduction.

Antique tiles:

Reproduction Tiles:

Tiles available online from ebay, English Salvage, Tile Heaven, Fireplace Products and Britain’s Heritage.

Alternatively many non-specialist tiles are fine to use near heat: examples below from Fired Earth.

Finally, don’t rule out tiles for 21st century fireplaces. Used imaginatively they can provide an unexpected twist…


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