SHOP: Beautiful Boho Screens

As ‘broken plan’ living threatens to overtake our preference for full-on ‘open plan’, we’re looking for imaginative and practical ways to divide up our rooms. Cue the comeback of boho favourite, the traditional screen.Decorative Screen

Although us Brits are busy knocking down walls to open up our traditionally compartmentalised homes, we still hanker after that Hygge vibe or cosy feeling. But in the Far East, folding screens have long been used to create a sense of intimacy. Japanese-style ‘byobu’ or transparent ‘shoji’ screens provide a practical yet aesthetically pleasing solution for those wanting privacy. And now they’re making their way into our bedrooms and living rooms. For those working from home they provide an attractive yet simple solution to the problem of hiding away your desk. In an open plan room they can screen off the kitchen or zone a section for a specific use, perhaps for dining or for the children to play in.

Many well-known interiors brands have brought out their own versions of the screen, now commonly branded ‘room dividers’. You can also find a good range of vintage screens on ebay, auction websites and, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, online dealers like 1stdibs or Vinterior.

It’s all great news for the boho-inclined! Many of these screens are highly decorative and made of natural materials like wood or bamboo. Some are more affordable than others 😥 but whether you’re shopping for a screen or just looking for inspiration, here’s my pick of the best and most beautiful currently on sale…

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    Rattan and Bamboo Screen / Room Divider with Chinoiserie Accents, Spain, 1960s Price: £1,832 from Istdibs



    Nordal Natural Rattan Room Divider. Price: £389 from Accessories for the Home



    Printed 3-Panel Room Divider Price: £77 from Maisons du Monde



    Longitude Panelled Screen Price: £295 from French Connection



    Matsu 4 panel Room Divider Price: From £135 from Futons Online



    Floral Canvas Screen Price: £325 from Cox and Cox



    Bamboo Room Divider Screen Price: £89 from Graham and Green



    Hartleys 4 Panel Cherry Blossom Room Divider (available in black or white frame) Price: £79.95 at Hartleys Direct



    Geometric Screen Price: £155 from Cox and Cox



    1970s Bamboo Screen / Room Divider Price: £1,200 from 1stdibs





    French Shutter Style Metal Panel Price: £425 from Rockett St George


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