SHOP: The Best Bathroom Mirrors

Take your bathroom to another level with a stand-out wall mirror…

The mirror in your bathroom has to work hard to earn its keep. Anything that isn’t either beautiful or useful is surplus to requirements in what is often the smallest room in the house. So ideally your mirror should be both!

In small bathrooms, where storage is at a premium, a mirror should be combined with shelves or a cupboard to help avoid day to day clutter. But this CAN be achieved without going down the traditional boxy mirrored bathroom cabinet route. In addition mirrors are great at bouncing light around a room and giving the impression of more space.

Mirrors also provide an invaluable opportunity to bring warmth and individuality to what is often a practical and clinical space. Choose a mirror in wood or rattan to warm up a glossy tiled white wall; or break up a matt concrete grey scheme with a warm toned metal such as gold, bronze or brass. A round or curved mirror will soften a rectangular vanity and provide contrast with the room’s other straight edges.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom where storage isn’t an issue then the world is your oyster! As long as it’s not in direct contact with water there’s no reason you can’t use any decorative, embellished or even antique mirror to make an eye-catching statement and lift your bathroom out of the ordinary.

Check out my pick of the best bathroom mirrors currently out there:

Mirror Cabinet Solid Wood with Shelf by Love lamp – Amazon

Flora Bathroom Mirror with Double Light – Diotti

Metal Wall Storage with Tilting Mirror in Gold Bronze – The Farthing

Round Notched Mirror – Rose and Grey

Rotating Wall Mirror with Shelves Behind – Rockett St George

Fagan Wall Mounted Cabinet by Gracie Oaks – Wayfair

Copper Long Slim Wall Mirror – The Farthing

Austin Copper – Oval – London Basin Company

Round Wall Mirror in Rattan Lopo – Sklum

HIDE Circular Mirror and Shelf – Etsy

Bathroom Origins Docklands Hexagonal Mirror in Brushed Brass – Drench

Gold Round Butterfly Mirror – Rockett St George

Carmela Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet by Zipcode Design – Wayfair

Merida Large Metal Feligree Wall Mirror – The Farthing

Round Makeup Mirror Home Wall-Mounted Bathroom Mirror Solid Wood by Mirror Cabinets – Amazon

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