Ten Clues You Live In A Boho Home

How to define ‘boho’ style? A quick survey of friends comes up with ‘eclectic and vibrant’, ‘seriously kooky’, ‘a bit different’, ‘cool’. For others it means Moroccan, tie dye or that particular ‘modern gypsy’ aesthetic.

But that’s not my take. For me boho is more universal. A general way of doing things rather than a specific look.

I think boho interiors tend to have the following ten basic hallmarks. Maybe you recognise some of these elements in your own home, or aspire to them in your personal style?

Not sure you’re into boho interiors? Read on and find out how much of a boho you really are!


Be original. Palm tree wallpaper, a bit of vintage, white floorboards…you won’t see the same kitchen anywhere else. This room certainly has the personal stamp of its owner.


Boho style is whimsical. Impulsive. If you love something, show it off! Be uninhibited and harness the power of the unexpected.


Create your own cocoon whether it’s with texture, cushions, layering or drapes. And….relax.


It’s all in the mix. This daring clash of colour, pattern and texture produces an unexpected and showstopping look.


This room envelopes you in warmth thanks to the depth and richness of the colours and the clever use of lighting. Use muted paint colours and tonal schemes (pairing similar but different shades) to create this laid-back moody vibe.


Boho is all about making it up as you go along. No ‘rules’ – if you want to put your favourite armchair in the bathroom go for it (if you can squeeze it in!) Treat yourself…this bathroom is all about freedom and pleasure.


This gorgeous room demonstrates how an artistic eye and a bit of imagination can transform what could have been an ordinary rectangular space.


Keep things natural and uncontrived. Use simple timeless materials – linen, wood, jute, bamboo. And plants – green and living, or dried and textural – both have the power to change a room.


The use of yellow on this staircase gives life to this otherwise simple white room, drawing the eye and lending it a touch of richness and joy.


See how the owner of this home has picked out key colours and repeated them to create a cohesive look? There’s a lot to take in here, which makes the room interesting. The overall vibe is thoughtful. You can almost feel the personality, passion and love!

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