SHOP: The Best Desks for Working from Home

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean your house should feel like an office…

This morning I read an article about the pleasures of working from bed. Apparently it’s a thing among formerly office-based workers currently forced to work from home. Pillows, quilt, bedside lamp – it sounded like bliss. Who doesn’t fancy hibernating under the blankets in the depths of grey January, especially with everyday life outside at a standstill. Think of the savings you’ll make on your work clothes!

However if, like me, you need to throw off your duvet to get your brain out of sleep mode, you’ll need to find somewhere else to get a proper day’s work done. And, if you’re new to WFH, that invariably means recommissioning an existing room. Not what you want to hear if you’ve previously spent eons designing that room…

Never fear. The addition of a desk doesn’t have to ruin that cherished laid-back vibe in your bedroom or living room. We’re no longer forced to choose between beautiful and practical. Nowadays you can find a desk or workstation that doesn’t jar with your existing decor. That makes you happy when you look at it. That feels – not like a purely functional add-on – but like an integral part of your private space.

Shortlisted below are 18 desks that don’t scream ‘WORK!’, sending your stress levels soaring every time you walk in the room! Beautiful in their own right and adequate for a variety of tasks, they’ll fit seamlessly into any boho-inspired room…

Stanley Writing Desk – Atkin and Thyme (£449)

Glide Desk Oak – Heals (£699)

Retro Amber Glass Desk – Rockett St George (£525)

Mango Wood Vintage Desk – Maisons du Monde (£540)

Black Antique Style Metal Desk – Rockett St George (£230)

Flute Marble Console Desk – Atkin and Thyme (£449)

Mid-Century Wall Desk – West Elm (£699)

Mid-Century Modern Green Curved Office Desk – Homary UK (£605.99)

Brunel Desk Dark Wood – Heals (£549)

Fiore Gold Brass and Mango Wood Desk and Console Table – Oliver Bonas (£395)

Bourbon Vintage Compact Desk (other colours) – (£249)

Parquet Mid-Century Desk – Oak Furnitureland (£440)

Lotte Desk – Cox and Cox (£350)

Fresco Desk with Pedestal in Brass and Light Brown Mango Wood – Swoon Editions (£399)

Vintage Danish Desk – ebay (£650)

Pretty Desk or Dressing Table – Three Angels (£280)

Grey Bone Inlay Floral Desk With Drawers – (£1080)

Palmer Desk – Anthropologie (£998)

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